Nowadays, data is closely linked to our lifes. The home PC, laptops, mobile phones, networks or workstations, all driven in information technology super highway. It makes our life more convenient and better, but on the other hand, there hinds a serious risk - DATA LOSE. such as computer virus, backup failure, hard disk physical crash, system malfunction, natural disasters, artificial mistake, all the above reasons which induce data lose. Data rebuild is a time-consuming issue, once its rebuild failure, the enterprise may face the survival crisis. We absolutely become the last hope of individual/enterprise, your SOS for rescue!!

Logic Data Recovery Centre, a global intelligence data recovery expert (The only one company in Hong Kong held the dual certification- ISO 9001:2015 - Quality management systems and ISO/IEC 27001:2013 Information security management systems). Fully supporting with 7 days x 24 hours non-stop recovery service; a professional customer service team follow up your case; invest a lot of time and capital in Research & Development, which develop our techniques and our own recovery programs; actively participlate in seminars all around the world to interpret the trends in data recovery, all these are of great importance for our future development.

Logic Data Recovery Centre is specialized expert in data recovery services, our services included but not limit to hard disk, digital disk, entreprise desktops/ home PC, USB flash drives, workstations or portable storage devices. If you unfortunely lose your data, we will try our best to save them and help you to pick up the work again and revive your valuable memory.