Safety and security, 100% foolproof


Nowadays, information and communication is developing at a tremendous speed, Logic Data Recovery Centre strictly respects and protects your privacy. In order to protect the your privacy, we (Logic Data Recovery Centre) enforce the following strategies, and sign a Non- Disclosure Agreement to cope with your needs:


We stored the backup data in a room for 7 days, only several authorised engineerers have the right to access to the data under permission. If any error was found in the data delivered to you, we will arrange the delivery again. The data will be deleted automatically by our devices/workstations within 7 days.


According to client's business nature, we have conducted an information security risk assessment to identify the priority of risks to confront.


We have carried out a strict management mechanism. On the basis of the policy and procedure, we continuously conduct staff education and training to ensure the efficiency of the management.


Staff who violate the information security regulations will be taken internal disciplinary measures against.


We will provide a Non- Disclosure Agreement to our clients to cope with their needs, Logic Data Recovery Centre strictly comply with our professional ethics.