Let you witness, numerous successful cases



RAID log/information error

   -   Mr Lee

Status: RAID works improper as one disk can not be recongized.

Process: #3Physical damage with noise,images cloned from 3 hard disk first,and then opened it as the spare parts,demonstrate RAID setting and repair of it,VMware data success to retrieve.

WD 3.5" 4TB x4(RAID5)



Bad sector

    -   Mr Tsoi

Status: Normal operation RAID0 fail to run, backup RAID0 data outdated.

Process: One disc in RAID0 encounter bad sector problem,clone image from it, re-construct RAID0 system with repair,all data can be retrieve at all.

Seagate 3.5" 2TB x2(RAID0) 2pairs



Physical damage

   -   Ms Yuen

Status: Noise once connected, BIOS can not recongized.

Process: As the disk heads damage,we open it and replace a spare parts,repair the parameter,all data retrieve.

WD 2.5" 500GB USB



Data encryption

   -   Coperation

Status: Windows system error,unable to start/repair, all data encrypted by the system.

Process: Analysis the disc and clone a image, modify the system parameter,demonstrate and extract data under the windows environment.

WD 2.5" 160GB



Bad sector

   -   Mr Wong

Status: Access some folders very slow, some folders name became strange.

Process: It caused by bad sector,extract data sector by sector,repair if damge sector founded,over 95% data rescued.

WD 3.5" 500GB



Hard disk physical damage

   -   Mr Wu

Status: Server#1,#3 Offline.

Process: #1,#3 disk head fails,clone#2,#4 & #5 for image image,take as spare parts for two fail hard disk,demonstrate RAID5 parameter,at least 95% data founded.

IBM 3.5" 300GB SAS x5(RAID 5)



Bad sector

    -   Ms Wong

Status : No response when select some folders.

Process: Client download a recovery software and save parts of their photo, through our analysis and repair,almost 100% photo recovered.

WD 2.5" 500GB



Bad sector

    -   Mr Kwok

Status: DCIM folder missing,many strange foldes found.

Process: Data rstore by special program & tools,almost 100% photo rescued.

Transcend 32GB CF card



Re-install Windows

    -   Ms Mui

Status: Reinstall Windows and some programs by human mistakes.

Process: Deep scan and analysis the disk,search and extract documents and pictures from each sectors.

HGST 2.5" 500GB



Card read/write error

    -   Ms Liu

Status: All empty folders.

Process: Clients repaired Canon D90(mov),but all can't open;after analysis by our own recovery program,all 39mov success to open.

SanDisk 32GB SD



PCB damage

    -   Mr Law

Status: No response/rotation after connection

Process: Engineers find a spare parts(PCB) from our warehouse,and extract data on it.

Toshiba 2.5" 500GB



Hard disk physical damage

    -   Linda

Status: iMac can not work.

Process: Physical damage founded,engineers opened and extracted data in laboratory,photo and iTune saved.

WD 3.5" 320GB



Data encrypted

    -   Ms Chung

Status: Input incorrect passwords several times,hard disk locked.

Process: Clients download a encryption program,unlock not success;and then pass to us and solved by our own decrypted program, all data can be access.

WD 2.5" 1TB



Hard disk physcial damage(2nd attempt)

    -   Ms Chan

Status: Hard disk crash and opened by other data recovery co.

Process:some area of the mirror damage ,we scan and repair the disk by our whole effort,70% data can be found.

WD 2.5" 500GB



Bad sector

    -   Trading co - Mr Wong

Status: #2work improper,and re-build fail.

Process:#2 serious bad sector,open and extract data in laboratory,repir/modify RAID5 parameter,the database success to retrieve.




Bad sector

    -   Mr Chiu

Status: Hard disk from NTFS into RAW format.

Process:Analysis and scan sector and sector by our tools. All data can be founded.

WD 3.5" 160GB



Virus attack

    -   Mark

Status: All psd and photo can not open in server.

Process:Attacked by hacker,all psd,jpg parameter changed leads to fail,deep scan by our teams,repair/re-arrange the data bit by bit, psd and photo saved.

Seagate 2TB x2(RAID 1)



Physical crash

    -   Mr Mo

Status: Device show 32MB capacity only.

Process:USB Chipest damage,we take apart and extract by spare parts,data rescued by our tools.

DataTravel 32GB USB flash



Hard disk physical damage

    -   Miss Lee

Status: Hard disk dop into floor,and BeeBee sound occur.

Process:Heads displacement,hard disk operated in laboratory,take the spare parts and recovery the data.

WD 2.5" 1TB



Data deleted by mistake

    -   Mr Lau

Status: Deleted CCTV record by mistake.

Process:Use special video recovery program,extract data from it ,and focus on some specific video and repair of it.

WD 3.5" 2TB



Hard disk physical crash

    -   Ms Lam

Status: USB head crash.

Process:Engineers find exactly the same usb head,and weld with the disk,so, all data can be open

WD 2.5" 1TB



Outlook(e-mail) damage

    -   Mr Lee

Status: All outlook e-mails are unable to open.

Process:As bad sector founded on e-mail, psd files repair by tools, all e-mail can be open.

Toshiba 2.5" 500GB



Firmware problem

    -   Mr Tam

Status: Work proper ,but BIOS can't detect the drive.

Process:Firmware error,engineers upgrade the firmware ,the disk can be use again.

Seagate 3.5" 1TB



Hard disk physical damage

    -   Garment co - Mr Lee

Status: Server fail to boot up.

Process:#2 disk physical crash,first we clone image from other three disk,and take as spare parts,all file server data retrieve.

Maxtor 3.5" 250GBx4(RAID5)



File overwrite

    -   Mr Kwan

Status: Client want to get back the past data.

Process:Client forget to backup his child photos,SD card use sever times already,we use the professional photo recovery program , majority photo rescued by client request.

Kingston 8GB SD



Hard disk physical crash(2nd attempt)

    -   Mr Ko

Status: Disk opened and replaced parts by unknown computer shop.

Process:Replaced parts by other shops,search the spare parts from our warehouse,and assembly in the laboratory, over 90% data found.

Seagate 3.5" 1TB



Bad sector

    -   Mr Yung

Status: part of the data cannot open,copy data speed very slow.

Process:Many bad sector in the disk ,scan and extract by special tools,repair the file before recovery.

WD 2.5" 1TB



Bad sector

    -   Mr Fu

Status: Some noise, unreadable.

Process:Hard disk put in home over a decade,many bad sector inside, scan and repair by our tools before successful recovery.

Seagate 3.5" 30GB



RAID arry crash

    -   Design firm - Mr Wong

Status:Server fail to boot up after electric power failure.

Process:RAID array crash,engineer re-construct the array structure, all design files retrieve.

DELL 3.5" 160GBx3(RAID5)



Bad sector

    -   Ms Ku

Status: Windows works as usual,D drive "formatted require"

Process:Bad sector all around the disk,analysis/re-construct the disk format,all D drive data success to open again.

WD 3.5" 1TB



Hard disk physical damage

    -   Ms Fung

Status: Input passpord message box missing.

Process:External USB hard disk encrypted,and USB PCB damage,so we repair the USB PCB,data can be use again.

Buffalo 2.5" 500GB



Firmware problem

    -   Mr Chow

Status: Show 32MB capacity on disk management

Process:Engineer upgrade the firmware,and repair the bad secor,data can be use again.

Seagate 3.5" 1TB



PCB damage

    -   Mr Ho

Status: PCB with some heats,but the disk cannot start.

Process:IC corrupted in the PCB,engineer weld it up again, hard disk works again.

WD 3.5" 80GB



Bad sector

    -   Mr Lung

Status: Windows desktop folders all missing

Process:Check disk made data corrupted,scan and re-construct the file structure,recovery data by client's request.

Seagate 2.5" 320GB



Hard disk physical

    -   Mr Chow

Status: Noise from the motor head, BIOS cannot detect

Process:Disk head damaged,open and replace the spare parts in laboratory,also repair the disk parameter,data restored.

WD 2.5" 320GB



Hard disk physical crash

    -   Mr Lo

Status: BeeBee sounds from the motor heads

Process:As the motor head crash,open and replace the spare parts in laboratory,also repair the disk parameter,all data can be found.

WD 3.5" 500GB



Virus attack

    -   Ms Tsang

Status: All photo fail to open

Process:Virus attack which modify the photo parameter,according to deep scan and repair,majority of the photo can open now.

WD 3.5" 120GB



RAID array crash

    -   Mr Fong

Status: RAID array system crash.

Process:Array crash,re-organize the RAID structure by engineers,all design documents can be saved.

IBM 3.5" 146.8GBSCSIx2(RAID1)



Re-install Windows

    -   Mr Fok

Status: Clients re-install Windows and some Programs by mistake.

Process:Deep scan and analysis the disk ,extract the document and photo from each sectors.

Hitachi 2.5" 80GB



Bad sector

    -   Mr Ko

Status: All folders missing,and become strange.

Process:Analysis and repair each sectors,most of the picture saved.

SanDisk 8GB USB flash



Bad sector

    -   Mr Chan

Status: All folders empty.

Process:Check disk which leads to data lost,scan through the wole disk,and re-construct the system,data saved.

Seagate 3.5" 4TB



Hard disk physical damage

    -   Mr Lee

Status: 一Noise from the head, BIOS cannot detect

Process:Disk head crash,open and replace the spare parts in laboratory,and repair the parameter,all data can be found.

Seagate 3.5" 1.5TB



Hard disk physical crash

    -   Mr Chow

Status: Hard disk I/O error cannot read.

Process:As one mirror unusual, open and replace spare parts in laboratory,all data recovery.

Seagate 3.5" 1TB



Bad sector

    -   Mr Chan

Status: Part of data cannot open,data copy speed also very slow

Process:Bad sector all around the disk,analysis and extract data by the tools,repair of it before the files work.

WD 3.5" 640GB



Hard disk physical damage

    -  Mr Lau

Status: Noise from the motot head, BIOS are unreadable.

Process:Physical crash as its drop into the floor before,open and replace the spare parts in laboratory,all data saved.

WD 3.5" 2TB