Clear guidelines, improve the recovery rate



(1) Digital camera

 SD, CF, MS Card etc.
. Photo deleted by mistake
. After travelling, no response from computer after powered on
. Restart after the PC crash, message displayed ”Disk format required”
. Disk formatted by fault, data being erased
. Data stored in digital camera being un-readable

(2) Mobile phone

 MiniSD, MicroSD etc.
・The e-mail/messages saved, but un-readable
・Disk formatted by fault, data being erased
・Photo deleted by mistake

(3) Smartphone

 iPhone, Android etc.
・Mobile got soaked, fall down, crack
・No signals, unable to operate

(4) School or corporation

 USB Flash Drive
・Essay/ thesis being deleted
・Deletion of customer data without reason
・Message displayed "Data cannot be read"

(5) Home

 CD, DVD etc.
・TV drama being erased by mistake
・Looking for journey video recording, but cannot being played
・Production of your own music video, but cannot being played

(6) Corporation, home or school

 FD, MO, HDD, RAID, Server, Desktop PC, Notebook etc.
Floppy Disk, MO Disk
・Data backup by corporation being un-readable
・Looking for reference to former work profile, but un-readable
・Message displayed "Please insert a disc properly"
・Disk formatted by mistake, data being erased

Harddisk (Internal, External, Portable)
・ Preparing data transfer, but data can not being read
・ I/O error or time out error messages displayed, data can not being read properly
・ Message displayed "Disk Format required"
・ Unusual noise from the disk and doesn't work
・ Hard disk drop to the floor and smashed, never being read again
・ Computer virus infection
・ Computer fall to the ground, and fail to be restart
・ Important data deleted by fault

Server, RAID equipment etc
・ Initialization of RAID  Controller
・ System restart failure after power shut down
・ Extraordinary issues in re-build process
・ No response after a fault signal or sound
・ Files shared on the network being erased
・ Saved files/ folder disappeared


Also known as software problem, non-physical/mechanical problem, caused by the files or folders error, or the OS(Windows/Linux) system error. Computer virus infected or operation errors are also belonged to logical error
Mechanical or hardware damage occurred, which lead to the failure of Bios/OS to get across in read/write status even the computer was powered on
Any unusual noise being heard from the drive, if continues to be used/run, the situation may become worse, precision technology are required for data rescue