Only one chance for recovery, don't try


Clients operated the recovery program or scan disk may make the damages became even worse, and the recovery chance may get lower. Restart it constanly may also lead to a serious consequence. Under uncertain conditions and without proper measures, please power off and contact us immedately. In case of disk checking after computer re-start, please press "Esc" to cancel, turn off the power and contact our technician.

Sometimes, recovery programs can solve the logical problem. However, if it has been run for a long period of time, it would increase the hard disk workload and reduce the chance of recovery. Please think of it clearly before execute the recovery program. Data recovery has only one chance, please contact us if any questions.

Don't try to perform hard drive recovery and restoration by yourself, in fact, the system may erase your important data. So, if you want your data back, please contact us immediately.

Install a recovery program in the damaged drive may overwrite your important data. If you would like to use any of the recovery program, you'd better connect the damaged harddisk to the computer. Even though your recovery program can not solve the problem, you can still contact our engineerers for the opinions.

PCB classified into different categories. Sometimes it may be similar but not the same. It is also easy for you to replace. However, it may induce the harddisk become worse. Please attach the original PCB for reference if you need our helps.

In rare case, harddisk failure is caused by defective contact, but open the harddisk by yourself are absolutely wrong way to solve the problem. The distance between the motor head and the disks is as smaller as a particle, a slight impact or vibration may cause a serious physical damage, so never try by yourself in any circumstances.

Even some precision equipments are highly water-proof, if being wet by drink, please don't plug in again after drying. Wiped the PCB with a cloth may cause damage to the internal parts. Even dry the disk without any physical touch, the liquid dried naturally, it is still hard to recover the data. If you're looking for recovery, visit our website or contact us for solutions.